Fees for Service

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Fees for services

Includes in person or Virtual


SBCUSD Students are free


The Hip-hop Shop program with up to 15 youth per session:

  • Schools
  • Group homes
  • Institutions


$250 per hour $6,000 for 12 sessions

(minimum, 2 hours and 1 day per week) To gain full benefit of the program we recommend 12 session (Recommended)



Youth training and development on a corporate level to service providers and Educators:

$5,000 per workday



School Assemblies includes live performances



Juvenile hall youth, group setting

$300 per hour


Foster Home

$200 per hour


One to One mentoring service using the arts

$100 per hour


Keynote speaker



Out of the district students

$50 per month



Students in the program receive mentoring, artist development, and their own video and music, most students get to perform on our platforms depending on their level of readiness, we even have tutoring resources.