The Hip-Hop Shop



“The Hip-Hop Shop” C.H.O.R.D.S Enrichment Youth Program’s “Hip-Hop Shop” is a Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (S.T.E.A.M) based project.

This project is a full school year and it includes various S.T.E.M related 2hr sessions, a launch concert and a final open mic session. Educators and industry professionals facilitate these workshops. The HHS teaches creative writing, critical thinking, bullying prevention; conflict resolution strategies with an array of S.T.E.A.M based projects using modern technology such as music engineering, Djaying, photography and music production.

Youth Development


CHORDS staff along with educators and music groups host weekly session in which hip-hop, math and science is explored with at-risk youth and local youth for educational advancement, life preparedness and more. Sessions include a study of the evolution of the 14-line sonnet into the modern 16 bar rap verse, professional recording and engineering using the most advanced technology, "graffiti"-style painting workshops, literacy through poetry and more.

Other sessions include introduction/ Q &A with industry professionals on ways they became successful, as well as well a fieldtrip. Session highlights include canvas art sessions with experienced practitioners, recording sessions with hands-on synthesizer, instrument, and computer technology guided experiences with teachers and music producers, as well as reading workshop sessions guided by poets and rap music artists specifically designed to connect music ,hip-hop and rap with reading and literacy for youth and young adult upon competition and youth will be giving a certificate of completion along with their projects they have worked on while in the program. .



The Hip-Hop Shop is designed to cultivate the talents of youth who have a desire to write, play produce, and perform music and dance. The Hip-Hop Shop provides a healthy environment for youth between the ages of 8-18. These youths are taught various fundamentals of music instructed by skilled musicians, performing artist, producers and engineers. The program teaches youth the history of music as well as the importance of music from a therapeutic perspective.


We allow youth to use their skills to record music and to perform for the community, peers and their families. Chords only promotes positive music of all different genres. Chords believe in creating a positive atmosphere where youth are able to express themselves using critical thinking and writing skills through various elements of music theory.

Youth Base


The youth involved in Chords music program learn hands-on how to operate music industry standard equipment under the instruction of Chords staff and volunteers. Chords Music program believes in the importance of education, so we strive to make sure all of our youth participating in the program are receiving passing grades or currently enrolled and attending tutoring in an effort improve grades.